Avianna Perez is a director, choreographer, performer and organizer. In 2008 she earned BA degrees in Dance, Sociology, and Theater Arts from Rutgers University. Her creative work focuses on using real life experiences of her ensemble to portray and explore social-universal themes such as interpersonal conflict and communication. She strives to incorporate the experiences of the audience into the action of the performance. Avianna has produced and directed four feature-length original dance-theater works: Sentient (George Street Playhouse), subtext (Cabaret Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ), Consumed (Cabaret Theatre and Tank Theater, New York), and Ungovernable, (various street locations in New Brunswick and New York). In July 2009 she premiered a solo text-movement work Untitled (suggestions welcome) at the George Street Playhouse. In 2007 she performed Puppet at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is the artistic director of Insurgo Stage Project and the producer of ArtHouse –  a multi-disciplinary art event in New Brunswick, NJ including visual art, poetry, music, dance, and theater.  She has produced countless other events, performances, benefits, and concerts in the New Brunswick area, namely acting as chief coordinator for the art and performance portion of the week-long event Tent State University.

What Avianna is looking for:

Truth is, I would love to get paid doing what I do now for free. I’m interested in building community through the creating and celebration of art.  I would love a job working with a group of people to create multidisciplinary art events for all types of purposes: benefits, fundraisers, openings, celebrations. I would also love to connect that somehow to community organizing and affecting change at a local level.



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