Sara K Edwards was raised in the once small town of Ashland, VA where she spent her childhood dancing, singing, acting, painting, crafting and playing dress-up. By the age of 3, she knew that she was destined to perform, so she spent countless hours in her ballet classes, training and rehearsing. She continued her dance explorations through Virginia Commonwealth University’s Dance & Choreography program. After receiving her BFA, Sara moved to Virginia Beach, where she studied Massage Therapy and other healing modalities. She now resides in Brooklyn, NY where her need for investigating and unearthing all of her creative outlets has led her to a life of constant motion. Since moving to NY, Sara has had the opportunity to work with such folks as Beth Gill, white road Dance Media, Schmantze Theatre, Cirque This, Alexandra Beller, and Draw-A-Thon Theater. She has also shown her own choreography at the Merce Cunningham Studio and The Gershwin Hotel. When not performing, Sara can be found quilting, crocheting, costuming, teaching yoga, cooking, cleaning, socializing, reading, riding the subway and moving her car.


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