Sara Zimmerman is an actor, sound maker, theater artist, who loves finding her own pathways between text, sound, and body. In her original theatrical work she deals with ideas of boundaries, queer bodies, speech, and loss. She is a recent transplant from Oakland, California and this is her second time performing in New York. She last performed with choreographer Marija Krotolica at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn. In the Bay Area she has worked with FoolsFury, Sideshow Physical Theater Company, Traveling Jewish Theatre Company, The Hybrid Project at Intersection for the Arts, and Hilary Bryan Dance Theater among others. She has also performed internationally with the Philippine Educational Theater Company. Sara has an MFA in Dramatic Arts from the University of California at Davis.

What Sara is looking for:

1. I want a job teaching theater, acting, or creative movement to young adults. Said job should have a high hourly wage (50-60 dollars an hour) if it involves shlepping from place to place. Ideal job will involve going to one institution and will be for 20-30 hours a week. Steady part-time professor work makes me very happy.

2. I want a job working as a project manager or coordinator for a non-profit arts institution. I applied for a job recently with the Theater Development Fund (which I did not get), being a project coordinator in a new pilot project that is working to increase audience diversity. It was 30 hours a week, $3100 dollars a month, with benefits. I’d like that job or a job like it.

3. I want a job in my field, teaching or administrative, that uses my skills, where I can go home with enough time and money to make new performances.


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