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September 18, 2009





new artist Avianna Perez

September 8, 2009


The other artist I am working with is Avianna Perez. Avianna is a director, choreographer, performer and organizer. Her creative work focuses on using the real life experiences of her ensemble to portray and explore social-universal themes such as interpersonal conflict and communication. She is the artistic director of Insurgo Stage Project and the producer of ArtHouse – a multi-disciplinary art event in New Brunswick, NJ. For a complete bio, click the tab with her name above.

On what sort of work Avianna is looking for:

“Truth is, I would love to get paid doing what I do now for free. I’m interested in building community through the creating and celebration of art. I would love a job working with a group of people to create multidisciplinary art events for all types of purposes: benefits, fundraisers, openings, celebrations. I would also love to connect that somehow to community organizing and affecting change at a local level.”